Geschwister-School Europasschule Erasmus +Projects 2017-2019

Geschwister-School Europasschule Erasmus +Projects 2017-2019

This year our school is fortunate enough to be involved in two Erasmus+ projects co-sponsored by the European Union.

The names of the projects are, “We are all in one boat” and “Walking the Line”. Both projects offer students a unique opportunity to experiencing the diversity and history of Europe

The first project, “We are all in one boat”, is co-ordinated by our school (Mrs  Spannuth, Ms. Fortkord and Mrs.  Groß and team) . Our European partners for this project are: Graudenz, Poland, Serres, Greece, and Padua, Italy.

The second project, “Walking the Line”, is coordinated by our partner school in Cornélla, Spain and Mrs. Tenge-Rietberg, Mrs. Klose and team. The partners for this project are from Marijampole, Lithuania, Noto, Italy, and Craiova, Romania and of course, Cornélla, Spain (near Barcelona).

On Sunday, October 15 the first participants of “Walking the Line” took an exciting trip to Lithuania (via a very small two propeller plane with Air Baltic).  In the evening we landed in Vilnius and continued on to the quaint town of Marijampole, where we were warmly welcomed by our hosts.  We spent five amazing days together with our partners. We hiked, we danced, we met new friends and visited beautiful places.

The following students and teachers were part of the project: Bianca Frankenberg(9a), Angie Krauszla (9c) and Karim Yehia (9a), Mrs.Tenge-Rietberg and Mrs. Klose.

Want to find out more information about the trip?

Read the following report from Bianca Frankenberg:

The Erasmus project allows you to see other countries like Germany, Lithuania, Catalonia (Spain), Italy and Romania. Students visit unknown but beautiful places, see the traditions of other countries and make good friends. The first country we visited was Lithuania from 15th October till 20th October.

On the first day in the evening, we arrived in Lithuania, we got to meet our very nice exchange students and families.

 On Monday we all went to school ( saw for the first time the students from our partner schools. After that we had our first dance rehearsal and saw the dances of the other students too, because on Thursday we were to perform our dances. We had to be good because the local  TV station was going to come to the school and record our performances! After that, we took a tour of the school and later we took an excursion through Marijampole.

On Tuesday, we took part in the main part of this project – the hiking. We had to hike 16km.It took for us 6 hours, but we finished that and had some very beautiful views. We hiked in the vortex of world wars, Partisans paths.

At Wednesday we had another dance rehearsal and an Excursion in Vilnius (the capital of Lithuania) and in the Trakai castle. The castle was very interesting and Vilnius was a very beautiful and modern capital.

OnThursday we first went to the Town Hall and met the mayor of Marijampole. After that we had our dance event. The whole school and the TV were there and saw us dancing. After that we got a certificate. Then we had an excursion and free time in Kaunas. At the end we came back to Marijampole and had a dinner at the hotel.

On Friday we left Marijampole and the airport except the Italian people, because they leave the airport one day later.

When I think of my experience in Lithuania and the Erasmus project I will always remember and be grateful for…

1.The new friendships I made.

2.My Exchange student and her family.

3.The cities we saw.

And also, here are five things that you should know about Lithuania:

1.The capital of Lithuania is Vilnius.

2.The official language of Lithuania is Lithuanian.

3.About 3 million people live in Lithuania.

4.In the village „Purnuškes“ (nearly Vilnius) is the center of Europe.

5.The 3 biggest cities in Lithuania are Vilinus, Kaunas and Klaipeda.

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